In a fast-moving, information-driven economy, your business can’t risk service outages, security breaches, and slow reporting times plaguing its analytics efforts. Today’s technologies require specialized expertise and consistent care to run at their best. But full-time support staff are both difficult to find and expensive to retain. To ensure your analytics environment remains secure and stable, you need a flexible, skillful solution that protects your company’s most valuable asset so your analytics team can focus on your business. 

You need a managed service plan like ZenGuard.

With ZenGuard, your organization gains more than a trusted team of experts who will administer and support all your analytics platforms. You also have the ability to structure your service in a way that makes sense with your resources and business goals. Instead of endlessly reacting to security and maintenance issues for your analytics platform, your support team anticipates and analyzes issues and updates in a way that minimizes downtime and increases efficiency.

ZenGuard Support Services include:

  • Proactive platform monitoring and maintenance
  • Implementation of best practices for optimal performance
  • Early issue detection and system troubleshooting
  • Application of hot fixes, patches, and/or security updates as needed

ZenGuard is built on 3 Principles:

Proactive Technical Support and Maintenance

Short- and Long-Term Planning to Achieve Your Data Goals

Dedicated Resource Management That Fits Your Firm’s Needs

Proactive Technical Support and Maintenance

With years of experience as SAS service partners, ZenGuard provides comprehensive support for your analytics platform. But our expertise isn’t limited to SAS environments. If your business uses Python, R, Tableau, Stata, Alteryx, or other open source tools, ZenGuard will ensure each component and its connection points are managed and maintained.

Short- and Long-Term Planning to Achieve Your Data Goals

Whether the biggest issues with your data come down to storage, insights, or a problematic vendor, ZenGuard sets your business on a path toward a solution. After an initial assessment of your current environment through an in-depth discovery process, we make a plan to close the gap between where your business stands with its analytics environment and where it should be.

Dedicated Resource Management That Fits Your Firm’s Needs

With contract lengths that can range from six months to multiple years, each ZenGuard plan includes two dedicated support specialists to analyze and manage your environment for the hours that suit your needs. Whether your analytics environment requires support during standard working hours, after hours, or 24/7, we can handle that.

“It’s rare that I would use the word “partnership”, as I find this word to have lost its meaning in the business arena.  This couldn’t be further from the truth as it relates to our company and Zencos’ partnership.  We have been extremely impressed with not only the delivery, but the strategic manner in which you navigated the challenges at SAS….I look forward to our continued relationship…” – Clinical Research Company

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ZenGuard Provides Essential Support and Oversight

Zencos successfully provides businesses like yours with the expert guidance and analytics platform support you they need to stay competitive. If you’re ready to take a fresh approach to how your business manages its analytics data needs, let’s talk.

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