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With a Merger Complete, Welcome to Zencos 2.0 for 2023


David Septoff



Since we started in Ben Zenick’s garage in 2001, Zencos has seen its share of changes. We’ve been named one of the Inc. 500’s fastest-growing private companies, earned accolades as a SAS partner, and navigated the peaks and valleys of the industry for over 20 years.

But we always knew big changes were necessary for the company to ever reach our larger goals. And I’m excited to announce those changes have arrived as we head into 2023:

Zencos has merged with Executive Information Systems (EIS).

As far as we’ve come since that garage in North Carolina, this move will take Zencos that much further. Although our foundation remains unchanged, along with everyone on our team who brought us here, this move is about growth and pursuing new opportunities.

For more than 20 years, we’ve remained committed to working with our clients “the Zencos Way”. Those principles remain the guiding focus as we head into a new year that will bring more changes while we work to ensure Zencos remains true to who we are.

Mergers mark the end of one way to do business while signaling the start of another. With so many possibilities ahead, we view this merger as the beginning of Zencos 2.0.

EIS and Zencos: The Right Partnership at the Right Time

Part of what makes the most sense about this merger is how much our two companies share — both in terms of our services and how we operate. 

EIS are resellers of SAS software, and we’ve known the leadership team for more than 20 years. This merger is such an excellent fit because of the alignment of our core values and the complementary way we work.

EIS owns the GSA schedule for SAS in federal, state, and local governments, which means the bulk of their work serves the public sector. As SAS partners, we also work with government organizations as well as the financial, health care, and utility sectors in the U.S. and abroad. Coming together with EIS will allow us to deliver advanced analytics capabilities, cloud modernization, and managed services to a wider variety of clients.

Put simply, SAS considers EIS as their go-to partner in the context of government agencies. Our SAS partners view Zencos the same way for implementations in the commercial space. his will be a great combination of companies to serve SAS clients’ needs.

What the Merger of Zencos with EIS Means for Clients

From the perspective of current and future clients, Zencos will remain fundamentally the same. Along with maintaining a commitment to how we work, the Zencos brand will remain unchanged and function under the same leadership with the same people on our team. Similarly, EIS will remain EIS. 

Both organizations place a premium on building strong relationships and providing top-notch care for our clients. As our organizations come together, we’re going to look for opportunities where our offerings will enable EIS clients to see greater returns on their investment in SAS analytics.

For example, we’ve developed a number of best practices to ensure our customers keep their software tuned and running smoothly. Our Zenguard program also offers our clients an improved capacity to maintain their analytics environment in a way that’s sustainable and secure.  

In addition to helping customers efficiently manage their regulatory compliance and AML needs, we’re also rolling out continuous monitoring for procurement integrity (CMPI) as part of our services. For government agencies, these all represent critical priorities that we can fulfill.

Merging with EIS presents an assortment of new opportunities. Consequently, we also have to evolve to keep up with the pace of change.

Why 2023 Offers Zencos Real Potential for Growth

Given this merger’s possibilities to expand our business, we have ambitious goals for the future. At Zencos, we’re looking to double our revenue next year and triple it in three years. Those kinds of numbers are simply impossible without significant internal investment.

As this merger moves forward, we’re creating paths for growth for the people on our team.  We’re going to need more managers and more mentors as well as new members. Everyone will have a role to play. And we’re primarily focused on adding the right people to join us for the next phase.

For us, this merger ultimately translates to growth in terms of our offerings and our visibility in the industry. And all sides of this move are in alignment when it comes to feeling excited about what’s ahead.

2023 Marks a New Era for Zencos

Planning this announcement came with some mixed emotions. In a note I shared with our internal teams, I compared the feeling to seeing your adult children move on to adult lives of their own. The analogy may be a little dramatic, but it’s no less sincere from my perspective.

On the one hand, I’m excited for all the opportunities that lie ahead for the next stage of Zencos. But I also feel a bit wistful because one phase has ended as this new one begins. However, just as you may feel with a child, any feelings of melancholy are overwhelmed by real anticipation of the bright future ahead.

The financial details of this merger may be complete. But we’re still navigating the many details involved in bringing our two companies together. Amid all we have learned, including the recent challenges introduced by the pandemic, we’re eager to explore the many opportunities this merger will deliver. It’s already making a positive change by expanding the ways to serve our clients with our expertise.

At a time when many industries are bracing for contraction, we’re entering the new year with an emphasis on expansion and new possibilities. We couldn’t be more excited about what’s next.

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