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Balancing Change and Consistent Quality of Service as We Look Ahead to 2024

Advanced Analytics

David Septoff



If there’s been one constant for every business in the past year, it’s change. Change is inevitable, and change can be disruptive. But change always presents an opportunity for growth.

At Zencos, we’ve seen our share of changes since starting out of a North Carolina garage over 20 years ago. Back then, advances such as cloud and advanced analytics could barely be imagined. Now, they’re standard practices for any organization looking to stay competitive. Change happens — it’s how your organization responds that matters most.

Zencos and EIS combining forces constituted one of the more transformative changes since our earliest days back in 2001. It marked the end of one way that we worked and the start of another — we saw it as the beginning of Zencos 2.0

Now, as we begin 2024, Zencos starts the year with two more shifts to the way we’ve worked in the past. We’re looking forward to these changes providing us with greater focus and producing the same great results. In other words, “the Zencos way” remains central to who we are and the way we work with you

SAS Selects TD SYNNEX as Global Distribution Partner

When Zencos and EIS came together, one of the contributing factors to the move was how much our companies already shared. EIS are SAS resellers, and they own the GSA (General Services Administration) schedule for SAS in federal, state, and local governments. We’re SAS Gold Consulting Partners that excel in delivering a wide range of SAS solutions for our clients.

This fall, SAS announced a distribution partnership with TD SYNNEX, a global brand that will help SAS expand their reach worldwide in the commercial sector. As a result, SAS will for the first time deliver its AI and analytics tools to customers through a two-tier channel distribution model. For SAS, this process enables them to streamline their operations while becoming more channel-driven in its reliance on its partners to generate sales rather than their own teams.

What this means is the way we deal with our largest partner has fundamentally changed. Instead of working directly with SAS to fulfill a specific software order, we now will connect with TD SYNNEX to coordinate pricing and execute the deal.

The change introduces an additional layer to the way we work that streamlines how SAS sells to customers. But because of the way we’ve worked with SAS over the years we’re in a better position than anyone else to navigate these new processes faster and more accurately. In short, you’re still in good hands with Zencos as SAS shifts to a more channel-driven approach.

Advantages of a More Channel-Driven Approach for SAS

A channel-driven approach to sales is a popular model within the industry. For example, Oracle and Salesforce are just two large companies that drive profit through a global, channel-driven approach to revenue.  

For SAS, the company’s move toward becoming more channel-driven grants its partners and resellers more leeway than in the past. Part of our role as SAS partners is to look for new ways to expand the channel for SAS, which fueled our work on our new offering, Crime Insights.

We’re excited about the possibilities for local law enforcement agencies to apply our solution to analyze trends from NIBRS data they send to the FBI. While Zencos continues working with TD SYNNEX to process orders for our commercial clients, we’re opening up new business with state and local governments by offering Crime Insights through the Microsoft Marketplace.

Those efforts helped fuel another significant change to how we work.

Introducing Christopher Sciortino as the New COO of Zencos

When Zencos joined with EIS, our work with government agencies became one of the core aspects of our business. To better support our go-to-market strategy, customer success, and operational excellence, we’re bringing on a new Chief Operating Officer.

Chris has a wealth of experience in delivery and management of analytics solutions. We’re looking forward to leveraging his expertise applying best practices in larger service organizations to the way we work. Chris will serve as a vital connection point with SAS leaders, and we’re so excited to welcome him to our team.

This addition is key to our growth strategy and furthers our integration with EIS. It also allows me to make the SAS and TD SYNNEX relationship my primary  focus. 

Entering 2024 with Big Changes — and the Same Great Results

In an uncertain economic climate, Zencos is far from the only business navigating big changes heading into the new year. The addition of TD SYNNEX marks a whole new way of working with our longtime analytics partner. Plus, we have never offered a product the way that Crime Insights is distributed directly to clients. These are significant shifts to how we operate.

However, the core truth about Zencos and how we work with you remains unchanged. We’re passionate about analytics and how its solutions can be implemented to suit different capacities for different organizations. 

We’re proud that we again gained SOC 2 compliance, and we remain the right choice for advanced analytics among insurers, healthcare providers, and any organization combating fraud and money laundering. If your business is planning a migration to the cloud, we’re still the right partner to take you there. And that’s just the beginning

If anything, our commitment to those goals is only accelerated by the changes at SAS and the changes within Zencos. We’re headed into 2024 with greater focus on where we can expand our efforts and produce the same great results.

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