SAS® Viya® implementation

SAS® Viya® is an open, cloud-enabled, in-memory platform that delivers everything you need for quick, accurate, consistent, and repeatable results. Elastic, scalable and fault-tolerant processing addresses the analytical challenges of today and effortlessly scales to mirror your needs.

SAS® Viya® provides:

  • Data Preparation
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Forecasting
  • Optimization
  • Model Building and Tuning
  • Text Analytics
  • Detection and Investigation
  • Data Visualization and Reporting

Depending on the need, SAS Viya can run all in memory or all in database. Either way it gives the fastest way to translate your “Analytics into Action”. Decisions are made in minutes or seconds rather than days or weeks.

SAS is a tried and true platform you can use to deploy analytical models developed in SAS or other popular coding languages like R or Python. This allows you to take advantage of all your programming staff, not just SAS, and bring it all together a single umbrella for increased security, data governance, and model management.

why work with zencos?

Zencos has a team of Viya specialists and Data Scientists that have experience in all aspects of the “Viya Journey”.  Whether you are new to SAS or a long-time customer, we can help develop your Viya roadmap with turning “Analytics into Action” as the goal.

The Zencos Way is to exceed client expectations with our ironclad work ethic, passion for success, on time delivery of quality work, team players, love of problem solving, strong communications, and skills far above industry standards.

Zencos is a SAS Gold Consulting Partner and re-seller of SAS Software.

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