SAS grid computing


Increase power and save money with a SAS Grid

There are many reasons why a SAS customer will want to migrate to a modern SAS Grid computing environment. A grid environment is one in which workloads are distributed among multiple computers on a network under the control of SAS Grid Manager.

Advantages of a grid environment

  • Workload balancing
  • Speed
  • Job Scheduling
  • Policy enforcement
  • Efficient resource allocation
  • Job prioritization
  • Highly availability

An advantage that does not get enough attention, migrating to the SAS Grid will help your business save money.

In June of 2017, Forrester released the “The Total Economic ImpactTM Of SAS Grid Manager” white paper.  Forrester studied a current SAS customer that made the investment to consolidate multiple SAS licenses to a grid environment. The paper clearly shows the benefits in efficiency and how efficiency gains translated to ROI over a 3 year period. The paper explains why this customer was a good candidate for the move which can become a template for why anyone would be a good fit for a SAS Grid migration.

In summary, the customer showed a 67% ROI over the 3 year period. If you are current SAS customer and wondering if you are a good SAS Grid computing candidate, here are some attributes to look for within your company:

  • multiple SAS licenses
  • many SAS jobs being run with little or no governance
  • high priority jobs competing for finite resources with lower priority jobs
  • poor job scheduling
  • redundant and increasing license fees
  • increasing hardware and maintenance fees
  • increasing processing acceleration

Zencos has worked with many new and experienced SAS customers to make their journey to SAS Grid computing success and can consult with you to evaluate whether moving to the SAS Grid makes good business and financial sense.  After agreeing on a path, Zencos can also help with the implementation.

Read the entire Forrester white paper for more details.

  • evaluate both software and hardware requirements that fit your needs of today and plan for future growth
  • install, optimize, define security, and setup policies for the grid environment
  • perform knowledge transfer as needed to users and administrators
  • develop grid enabled SAS code and grid enable existing SAS code
  • perform administrative tasks on the grid as requested or fully maintain the grid using the Zencos Zenguard service

why work with zencos?

Zencos has a team of SAS grid migration specialists, data scientists, and coding experts that have experience in the latest data and analytic techniques. We can help you evaluate, purchase, deploy and migrate to your new grid and gain the quickest ROI from your investment.

The Zencos Way is to exceed client expectations with our ironclad work ethic, passion for success, on-time delivery of quality work, team players, love of problem solving, strong communications, and skills far above industry standards.

Zencos is a SAS Gold Consulting Partner and re-seller of SAS Software.

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