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Reduce the Cost of an Azure Migration with Zencos and ECIF


Jaime D’Agord



When your business relies on data, upgrading your storage environment often feels like the start of a 1,000-mile journey. You clearly can’t get started until you take the first step. But the investment associated with getting on your way is far too steep.

If your organization relies upon on-prem storage, the costs of a migration to a platform like Azure are daunting. You need to shift your data and SAS tools to a new platform and retain access to vital business insights. Factor in an uncertain economic climate, and seeking approval for an expensive modernization project feels like its own perilous journey.

However, what if there was a way to offset the investment required to migrate to Azure? With Microsoft’s End Consumer Investment Fund (ECIF), you can secure the cost savings you need to take the first step in the right direction with Azure.

How Microsoft’s ECIF Program Works

Formerly known as Business Investment Funds, Microsoft’s ECIF program sets aside funding to assist customers in their move to Azure. Along with financing engagements with Microsoft’s internal service teams, the program supports projects with ECIF-approved external vendors.

As Microsoft Cloud Partners, Zencos is eligible to receive these funds to offset the costs of moving your organization to the cloud with Azure. And we pass those savings on to you.

ECIF Offers Comprehensive Support for a Move to the Cloud

ECIF doesn’t only offset the costs for  migration. The funds support project management, implementation, architecture, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) on the way toward securing access to your Azure environment. Without ECIF, you’re responsible for the expenses associated with each step of a migration project. By applying ECIF to engage with our expertise, you gain a trusted ally throughout the process without the costs.

The program is also available to support your organization if your data is already in the cloud. Maybe your existing architecture aligns morewith Microsoft’s products and you’ve been meaning to switch. ECIF will offset the funds needed to complete that migration as well.

For businesses planning a move to Azure, ECIF offers a way to make your modernization plans a reality. However, the storage landscape is always in motion. We simply don’t know how much longer the ECIF incentive will last. So if you’ve been looking to move your SAS analytics environment to Azure, the time is now.

The Value of Moving SAS into the Cloud

With the support of a program like ECIF and the right technology partner, transitioning your business to the cloud becomes a straightforward, stress-free process. At Zencos, we’re a strategic SAS partner, which enables us to understand the environment inside and out and create innovative applications for its use.

As a company, SAS has long recognized that cloud-oriented environments are the present and future of data analytics. Along with closing the distance between your data and your tools, transitioning to SAS Viya in an environment like Azure cloud allows your business greater flexibility.

Much like the cloud enables your organization to scale its storage resources according to demand, you also only pay for the computing power you need. Plus, you can expand capacity to meet spikes in demand.

SAS Integration with Azure Offers Key Advantages for Businesses

First announced in 2020, the partnership between SAS and Microsoft generates a stronger connection between your analytics and storage platforms. SAS integrates with tools such as Azure Monitor, Azure Key Vault, and Azure Active Directory. That way, your team can securely administer licenses more easily. And the Azure Marketplace hosts a variety of SAS’ industry solutions, such as its fraud-prevention tools.

Once implemented, a SAS environment hosted on Azure leads to more efficient operations and stronger performance. The combination provides an end-to-end combination of some of the most powerful capabilities in cloud analytics for your business.

According to a Forrester Total Economic Impact study, organizations that use SAS Viya on Azure secured a 204% return on their investment. By engaging with Zencos through the ECIF program, that initial investment can be so much lower.

Your Business Can’t Wait for a Move to the Right Cloud Environment

Whether your organization faces a costly move from on-prem storage to the cloud or has been considering a move to Azure, ECIF provides a vital opportunity. Put simply, you have the chance to bring your data and your organization to the cloud without having to pay for it. But there’s no guarantee a program like this will last forever. 

By collaborating with Zencos through ECIF, you gain a trusted partner experienced in navigating cloud migrations for businesses like yours. We ensure your SAS environment performs at the highest level so your business takes full advantage of the capabilities of the cloud. Plus, with our ZenGuard support program, we can ensure your company’s most valuable asset remains stable and secure after implementation—and beyond.  

If this sounds like the incentive your business needs to make the move to Azure, we should talk. All you have to do is take the first step, and your business will be on its way.

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