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Manufacturing Data Is Key to Your Competitive Advantage

Fritz Lehman


As technology advances the capabilities of both cloud-based storage and analytics techniques, companies are generating more value from data than ever before. That’s especially true in the manufacturing sector, which generates massive amounts of data. From the machinery along the assembly line to facilities housing equipment, these sophisticated devices provide organizations with a wealth of information.

By harnessing the networked power of the Internet of Things (IoT), your organization acquires a wealth of information from the machines most critical to your operation. But how can this data be gathered so it’s most useful to your business? And, once it’s been compiled, how does this information optimize your production processes and streamline operations within the technology, energy, and health care industries?

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How IoT enables businesses to implement predictive analytics to reduce manufacturing costs and maximize production efficiency
  • How the advent of streaming data allows companies to conduct predictive maintenance and prevent outages
  • The way advanced analytics impacts product development before and after the point of sale
  • How your organization’s ability to recognize key points of risk and implement predictive maintenance provides a competitive advantage