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Fritz Lehman

Senior Business Adviser


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Fritz Lehman embraces a new chapter in his career at Zencos, transitioning from the role of Chief Operating Officer to Senior Business Adviser. With his extensive experience and deep understanding of the company, Fritz continues to provide guidance and strategic insights to Zencos.

Prior to Zencos, Fritz’s career includes executive roles at SAS, where he honed his expertise in operations, customer service, and human resources. His tenure at SAS was marked by significant contributions to operational efficiency, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

In his advisory capacity, Fritz leverages his wealth of knowledge and experience to mentor the leadership team, advise on key business decisions, and contribute to the long-term vision of Zencos. His commitment to excellence, combined with his deep industry insights, continues to be a guiding force in the company’s growth and success.

Fritz’s transition to a Senior Business Adviser role reflects his ongoing dedication to Zencos and its mission, as he remains a vital asset to the company, offering strategic counsel and wisdom gained from a remarkable career.