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Zencos Welcomes New Chief Operating Officer

Fritz Lehman



This past Spring, I really intended to retire, and then I didn’t. There was only one company that was going to pull me back into the corporate world, and that was Zencos. Here’s why.

Why I Chose Zencos

I’ve known David for over 30 years. And Ben since before he launched Zencos in 2001, back to when he was hired to work at SAS. Interacting with them, as the Zencos ownership team, over many years has allowed me to develop and enjoy a connection with them that began as professional and evolved to be both a close business and personal relationship. I respect them both. The three of us have essentially grown up together and the fact that we’ve stayed close for so long, even during some very tough moments on the business side, means a great deal to me.

Being connected to the consulting business at SAS for so many years gave me the opportunity to see the inner workings of Zencos through the lens of their collaborative partnership with SAS. Ultimately, over time, I was able to experience the company’s values and realized that their values align closely with mine.

Zencos is the Right SAS Partner

Zencos isn’t a “new” company; in fact, it is a mature company in the Data and Analytical solutions market space. They are also a long-time SAS partner. I wasn’t interested in being part of a startup at this point in my career/life. I think Zencos isn’t so big you can get lost in it. It’s still a company where you can work hard and see the difference you are making. Zencos also has tremendous potential to expand its operations, and I’m eager to do whatever I can to help with that growth. This appeals to me.

Ben has always been on the leading edge of technology, and I consider him one of the best SAS technology people around. Ben and Zencos have always surrounded themselves with great talent, and if I’m going to have a second career, then I want to be surrounded by the best.

David embodies the Zencos way. He does what he says he is going to do and has consistently been transparent in our numerous business dealings over many years.

Trust is Essential

Bottom line is I trust the leadership, I see the company employs and works with the best talent around, and they’ve asked me to participate in the next phase of the company’s future. I’m very excited to be part of what is happening at Zencos and thank them for making me feel welcome here.