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See the Big Picture of Your Business with Data Visualizations in SAS Visual Analytics

Jaime D’Agord



Today’s business runs on data. But too many organizations can’t efficiently access the details that make up the core of their business. Worse yet, they’re also unable to translate that information into a meaningful format so trends and anomalies can be recognized and acted upon quickly. As a result, real issues go unseen and unresolved at a time when fast response times are crucial to your bottom line.

For organizations attempting to stay competitive – especially in the data intensive financial industry – an inability to quickly analyze your information is the equivalent of flying blind. With the right data management platform, your organization will be able to observe data trends in real time. Plus, with the addition of clear visualizations, your team can resolve technical outages and service issues as they happen. Consequently, your business as a whole runs more smoothly.

SAS Visual Analytics on SAS Viya transforms even the most demanding databases into easy-to-read charts and graphics that deliver the stories behind the numbers in real time. With this modernized approach to data, your organization will better understand its operations and customer behavior. And it’s all made possible with the help of the right data partner to build a customizable, scalable dashboard powered by the versatility of SAS Viya.

If Your Data Is Inaccessible, You’re Missing Out on Key Insights

In the financial industry, data easily becomes outdated, error-prone, or divided across multiple silos. Outside partners may manage customer details in different formats, and key information could be maintained by different internal departments.

Depending on your organization’s size, mergers and acquisitions can further hamper an already complicated database structure. Branches may use differing systems and coding standards, which introduces more errors and inconsistencies. With millions of transaction records to monitor and resolve, managing this kind of fragmentation is a slow and frustrating process.

Before it’s possible to draw useful conclusions from your data, you must first ensure it is organized and centralized into a single source. Using SAS Viya, Zencos can clean and prepare your data, so it’s accessible in a single dashboard and capable of generating the insights crucial to understanding your business.

While the path toward modernizing your data seems daunting, an effective data partner will ensure this transition is straightforward, seamless, and tailored to your needs. With clear visualizations at your disposal, core issues that impact the bottom line of your business that may have otherwise gone unnoticed are quickly revealed.

Visualizations Unravel the Most Complex Data Puzzles

With the click of a button, modern business intelligence technologies generate insights that would be impossible to find from compiling separate spreadsheets by hand. Even if your organization is responsible for interpreting millions of records across the country, SAS Visual Analytics on SAS Viya generates visualizations that allow the bigger picture to be interpreted at a glance.

Through SAS Viya, insights that were once only available after compiling spreadsheets from multiple sources appear as a single view on your company’s dashboard.

Without the capabilities of a report or dashboard, an analytics team would need days to compile data that is now available on demand. Freed from creating reports like the one in the next section, your data specialists are able to focus on other high-function aspects of their job like focusing on long-term strategy. Better still, your organization will see the areas of their business that need attention and then respond accordingly – much faster than you might expect.

SAS Visual Analytics Generates Data Visualizations of Issues and Trends in Real Time

In the past, analytics software was only capable of generating visual insights the morning after the business day concluded. While that’s a considerable feat for organizations that are further behind in their modernization efforts, that time frame has become a thing of the past.

Now capable of generating real-time insights, SAS Viya delivers visualizations of the key issues in your business at the speed they occur. This kind of time frame is a difference-maker in customer service and retention, especially in the financial industry. If your dashboard indicates service outages in a given region, you can quickly allocate support resources and resolve the issue.

In this example below, we’ve generated a visualization of customer complaint data for the fictitious Acme Bank. The SAS Viya dashboard allows us to quickly see the number of tickets and their average sentiments while also incorporating location analysis, emerging topics, and ticket text in close to real-time speed.

Through visualizations like these, your organization will be able to easily define specific customer populations. Customers with account balances over a specific dollar amount can be identified and targeted for special offers, services, or high priority responses to queries.

In a digital-focused environment, real time has become the industry standard. SAS Viya ensures your organization keeps pace.

Data Visualization Is Crucial to the Success of Your Business

Without a fast, reliable window into the information that’s driving your business, your organization will struggle to respond to glaring issues and serve customer needs. Working to keep up with competitors who have already undergone a modernization effort that allows them to move in real time isn’t just difficult – it’s impossible.

But as much as the ability to observe your data in a single place makes your business function more efficiently, that’s only the beginning of what’s possible. With the help of a convenient dashboard and its custom visualization capabilities, your team will see a clearer picture of the parts of your business that are performing well and, just as importantly, the areas that are malfunctioning. As a result, your organization operates more efficiently and ultimately saves money.

In a marketplace this competitive, the right data partner makes a big difference toward meeting your goals. Building a centralized data source capable of delivering the bigger picture of your business is a complex yet transformative process. But it doesn’t have to be one you undertake on your own. Contact Zencos when you’re ready to see more from your data.