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Adjusting your PROC SQL Know-how When Using FEDSQL

Advanced Analytics


Are you experienced in writing PROC SQL queries and want to learn more about writing queries under FEDSQL? Are you aware only PROC FEDSQL is available under CAS? Do you know DS2 supports execution of FEDSQL queries?

Maybe you have heard FEDSQL is compliant with the Core ANSI 1999 standards, but what does this mean when writing queries? How does it differ from the queries you are used to writing under PROC SQL that were more aligned to the ANSI 1992 standards?

  • What new functionality is available with FEDSQL?
  • What features and functions are no longer available?
  • Can you still do implicit and explicit passthrough queries, and if so, how has it changed??
  • How do these changes align with the native DMBS SQL functionality you may have used with external passthrough code?

This paper explores these questions and more. You will find information about the FEDSQL expansion of data types, changes in quoting, implicit and explicit passthrough, as well as many more topics.

If you have a specific area of interest, the appendix provides a quick reference to allow the reader to drill down to those sections of interest.