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How Predictive Maintenance Opens a Window to the Future for Your Critical Infrastructure

Modernization - Analytics

Ben Zenick


Predictive analytics marks the next phase in modernization. In today’s business climate, organizations looking to remain competitive must recognize and respond to insights from their data. But as today’s technology allows companies to visualize operational issues in close to real time, critical issues are now capable of being detected before they happen.

Though a combination of analytics and data analysis, companies can now monitor the functional details of their critical infrastructure. By comparing those functions against historical performance, your organization can recognize anomalies within your operations that in the past have led to mechanical failures. As a result, businesses across multiple industries can prevent damaging malfunctions that result in costly losses in revenue, time, and, in some cases, much worse.

In partnership with the facilities optimization company WES and the comprehensive data management specialists SAS, Zencos developed a way to observe and act upon the parts of your business most at risk of a malfunction. Through the Foresite solution, companies can conduct predictive maintenance on their vital equipment while cutting costs and remaining more competitive.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How machine learning and generating analytical insights from massive sets of data allow companies to look into their future.
  • The ways predictive analytics allows organizations in communications, manufacturing, healthcare, and state and local government to better manage their critical facilities.
  • The cost savings made possible through Foresite by recognizing mechanical failures before they occur.
  • The vital difference between predictive maintenance and preventative maintenance.

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