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Look Beyond Storage and Compute Capabilities to Maximize Your ROI from a Cloud Migration

Ben Zenick


From added flexibility and stability to increased performance, a cloud environment is the wave of the future for storing and analyzing your business data. However, even as the cloud’s extensive capabilities can deliver immediate benefits to your business, you have to look beyond its expanded capabilities of storage or computing power.

The fact is, implementing a cloud environment into your organization’s processes requires rethinking your existing approaches to storage, process power, analytics, data governance, and other long-held operations. Plus, the comprehensive changes to managing and maintaining a cloud implementation requires new means of organizational support.

On the surface, the technology will allow you to migrate your current data program in a “lift and shift” approach. But if you want to see the most benefit to your business while minimizing the potential for performance issues and security breaches, you have to reach further.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • The five pillars of a successful cloud framework.
  • How the lifecycle of technology inevitably pushes every organization toward a decision point around its current business applications.
  • Key ways to maximize your return on investment from migrating to a cloud infrastructure.
  • The critical importance of treating your new infrastructure like code to preserve your cloud environment’s performance.