Image Analytics: How Could Your Business Optimize with its Opportunities?

03/01/2019 by Ivan Gomez

ai neural nets facial recognition

Social network platforms immediately offer recommendations to tag your friends after you upload a new picture, as well as the ability to search photo libraries for objects and activities.

Want to see all your images from your snowboarding trips? Easy. Just search for snowboarding and let the application take care of the rest. That is artificial intelligence (AI).

Over the past few years, AI has gained significant interest across many industries, ranging from self-driving cars and airport security to virtual assistants with speech capabilities and enhanced medical imaging processing.

Image analytics is applicable to a wide variety of industries and continues to change the consumer experience, drive down cost, provide greater opportunity for effective marketing, and increase security.

  • Business Uses of Image Analytics
  • Requirements for Image Analytics
  • Using Neural Networks to Identify Objects
  • Using SAS Viya to Power Image Analytics