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Web Apps Reach New Heights With Modern Data Analytics

Brian Bennett


Today’s businesses run on the power of web applications. By running software on network servers instead of their home computer, users access multiple databases and generate dynamic results. In the health care, media, and financial industries, web apps are bringing consumers – and businesses – closer to their goals.

Your business may have already explored creating a web app, but a great idea isn’t enough to ensure success. Technology has extended the capabilities for a web app, but with that growth has come greater user expectations. If a web app isn’t available and effective 24/7 around the world and across every platform, it will never find an audience that’s increasingly dependent on the virtual marketplace.

For a modern web app, an out-of-the-box solution simply isn’t enough. To be competitive, web apps must incorporate developmental best practices to ensure an elegant front-end interface built upon a custom framework and an efficient cloud-based foundation. With the addition of high-end data analytics, you can extend the reach of a web app to unlock its greatest potential for your users.

In this white paper you’ll learn:

  • What constitutes the architecture of a modern web app
  • How advances in cloud-based storage offer scalability to allow businesses to accommodate ever-evolving user demand and market conditions
  • The ways web apps seamlessly incorporate the analytics capabilities of established data analytics platforms and open source alternatives
  • How a single web app brings university programs and their students closer to satisfying the real-world needs of technology companies searching for highly skilled new talent
  • The critical advantage of the agile development process in ensuring projects are designed and built collaboratively and incrementally