4 Trends in Data Visualization and Impact to Your Organization

12/30/2022 by Jaime D’Agord

In today’s competitive climate, having access to your business data is no longer enough. You not only need to be able to generate reports that deliver crucial insights about details such as product performance, customer behavior, and retention. You need to deliver them in a way that’s compelling, clear, and easy for your audience to understand.

Whether communicating with executives, employees, or the general public, you can transform your data into a compelling message through data visualizations. But more than translating complex data sources and insights into persuasive charts and graphs, data visualizations enable you to make more strategic, data-driven decisions and expand your competitive advantage.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • The increasing value of data visualizations in a digital economy.
  • 3 rules for stronger visual communication through data.
  • The trends to watch in data visualization.
  • How infographics gain new power through motion and real-time analytics
  • The ways AI and machine learning allow data visualizations to incorporate predictive analytics.