How To Use Your Anti-Money Laundering Data for Compliance and Insights

04/08/2021 by Erik Meyer

The evolution of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) transaction monitoring from a technology perspective has been enabled by data integration, analytics, and data visualization. The ever-increasing volumes of data and regulatory requirements makes it increasingly more important for Compliance Managers and Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) to have an analytical solution and visualization tool to get a clear picture of the challenges and risks they are facing.

  • Do you know how productive your alerts and scenarios are?
  • Do you know how much time your Investigators spend on cases related to Structuring?
  • Do you have a clear picture of your customer’s suspicious activity and are you able to monitor emerging trends?

Data visualization allows you to see the answers hidden in your data and make those insights easy to share with colleagues and decision-makers. Analytics and visualization techniques can help compliance managers and investigators analyze alerts more efficiently and help streamline and optimize your transaction monitoring solution.

In this whitepaper we will show you how data driven analytics combined with innovative visualizations can gain you new insight, reduce operational cost and help you stay compliant.