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An All-in-One AML Solution? It’s Possible!

09/20/2019 by Craig Willis Financial Crimes

A successful AML program requires bringing together a lot of data, multiple processes, and numerous agents. Wouldn’t a solution that oversees investigations of suspicious activity and then files the currency transaction reports be nice? It would truly transform the AML processing.

And what if this same solution enables you to conduct enhanced due diligence and customer risk ranking as part of your customer due diligence processes?

Then imagine an AML solution that is customizable but still lightweight and efficient.

Often these technologies are either insufficient to handle a range of compliance needs or so massive the tool becomes cumbersome to use and maintain.

You need an end-to-end AML solution. SAS Visual Investigator can provide. With this tool implemented, you can meet the needs and demands of your institution.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Manage suspicious activity monitoring intuitively and quickly using a customized solution
  • Submit CTRs easily and seamlessly
  • Conduct enhanced due diligence on high-risk entities using our customized solution
  • Manage and view customer risk ranking in real-time as the output of your EDD review process

This webinar will be available soon.