visualization and reporting examples

customer satisfaction report

This report shows the overall scoring for a customer satisfaction report.

North Carolina County Statistics

This data visualization is a geo-map based on the statistics for the North Carolina counties. The user can travel over the buttons at the top to update the map with statistics for that county and the state as a whole.

Shark Incidents Reporting

This interactive report allows the user to explore the Florida coastlines where shark incidents have occurred. When users click on the bubbles the charts on the right update with specific information.

Executive Dashboard

This dashboard provides an overall sales view of the product lines.  It provides a year to date and a month to date view of the main product lines.

Technical Support Dashboard

This dashboard provides a technical support team information about the department KPIs along with supporting information for each KPI. The dashboard shows the overall organizational view but can be filtered to individual teams. Each data visualization leads to another report with detailed information.

Sales Dashboard

This dashboard provides information about the revenue and the sales cycle. Users can determine how the organization and individual sales people are performing to target.

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