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It’s increasingly common for companies to integrate SAS with open source technologies for data management, business intelligence, and predictive analytics. Achieving the right mix and integration of these analytical technologies can be a challenge for companies to manage and to validate especially as their analytics maturity grows.

Here are some of the ways that clients describe these open source integration challenges:

  • Our Python wizards do not know SAS and our SAS gurus don’t know R.
  • We’ve built models in Python that aren’t fully inventoried inside of our SAS solutions.
  • We want to export the model that we built in SAS Enterprise Miner to execute real time scoring in R.
  • We need to provide more robust validation for federal compliance that is not available through the open source list serves.

By integrating the open-source tools (like Python, R, LUA) with SAS Viya, customers can resolve these concerns. And, in cases where validation is a concern, open source integration with SAS Viya provides the assurance that the algorithms and the math used to create the models have been validated with auditable results.

However, without the right mix of knowledge and experience in working through the finer points of open source integration with SAS, you are not achieving the maximum value available from your investment in both SAS and open source.

why work with zencos?

With a team of data scientists that have experience in SAS, SAS Viya and open source technologies such as Python, R, Lua, Java and Spark, Zencos can help you to start the process. We can help you to work through these challenges for your projects that require a more tightly woven infrastructure between SAS and open source.

The Zencos Way is to exceed client expectations with our ironclad work ethic, passion for success, on-time delivery of quality work, team players, love of problem-solving, strong communications, and skills far above industry standards.

Zencos is a SAS Gold Consulting Partner and re-seller of SAS Software.

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