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Top 3 Benefits of Working for a Small Company


Jorge Ocampo



Not long after graduating college with my degree in Computer Programming, I found myself overwhelmed with the vast number of career options. Many of those who study Computer Programming dream of working for world-renowned companies such as Google, Apple, or IBM, and like them, I also considered applying to these companies. 

However, I ultimately decided that working at a smaller company like Zencos was the right choice for me. Although Zencos is not a large-scale company like Google or Microsoft, I have found quite a few benefits of working at a smaller company throughout the past two years.  I believe these are important to consider when deciding where you would like to work.

A Greater Sense of Community

Although many large companies also place importance on building a community, in no way do they compare to small companies that take the time to get to know you as an individual and continuously encourage and support you throughout your career. After becoming part of the Zencos team, it did not take long to realize just how close all Zencos employees are and how much the company has done to create a true sense of community amongst all of its employees. This is something I truly don’t think I would have experienced if I had worked at a larger company.

It is also important to note that, at least in my experience, this sense of community goes beyond just your inner circle of coworkers that you work with on a daily basis. I have found that I am much more connected to my coworkers in higher-level positions than I would be if I were to work in a larger company. Also, most importantly, I know that if I were to reach out to any of these people for help, they would do their best to help me with what I need, which is not always the norm at large companies. A couple of my friends work for bigger companies and they have told me that sometimes they feel like they are just a number and there is no sense of community. They have also told me that thinking outside of the box is not encouraged because the company they work for is used to doing things a certain way and therefore are not open to change. 

More Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

Along with a greater sense of community and interconnectedness comes the ability to have a much more flexible schedule and an overall better work-life balance. Many might think that a larger company would offer more flexibility in terms of scheduling since there are more employees to fill in while you are away, I disagree. As I mentioned earlier, smaller companies actually get to know you for who you are beyond just a simple worker bee. You are given a lot more flexibility in your work schedule when unexpected events come your way. Unfortunately, in many large companies, higher-ups do not get to know you as well. They, therefore, are less likely to be flexible with your own personal needs whereas, in a smaller company, they more likely will.

Additionally, as a result of this, you may find that along with more flexibility comes a better work-life balance. When your employer recognizes that you are much more than just an employee, it allows for easier communication with your superiors regarding your own needs and unique circumstances. This is so important when you have personal obligations that conflict with your work schedule, as well as when something occurs in your personal life that requires you to take a step back from work.

The Ability to Make a Greater Impact

Lastly, and arguably the best benefit of working at a smaller company, is being able to make a greater impact in the company. Unfortunately, while working with a large number of people on one project, it is easy for your input and ideas to be overlooked, which no one wants to experience. However, when you work on a smaller team, it allows you to get your ideas out there in a way that you simply wouldn’t be able to do in a larger-scale company. This ability to have your voice heard allows you to further make an impact on individual projects as well as the company itself, which is a huge plus.

However, the most rewarding part of all is being able to see the impact that you make through your work. While working for any company, big or small, it is important to know that the work you do matters and that it is making a difference in people’s lives because if not, it becomes hard to stay motivated. Therefore, I believe that the biggest benefit to working for a small company is the ability to not only make a greater impact than you would at a larger company, but also being able to see the difference your hard work makes in individual projects and the company as a whole.

Overall, there are always pros and cons to working for any company regardless of their size. However, throughout my personal experience working at Zencos I have come to really value the qualities of working at a smaller company.  For these three reasons, I proudly stand by the decision I made two years ago.