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Altering the Cable & Tech Industry’s Potential for Innovation: Partnerships Raise the Bar

Advanced Analytics

Ben Zenick


What does every company in today’s competitive environment strive for? Improved business operations that are more efficient. Increased revenue. Maximum customer satisfaction. These are the business goals that lead us down the path of constantly evaluating business operations toward being better. This concept of persistently “raising the bar” is the main focus of the SCTE•ISBE Cable-Tec Expo®. Forward progression based on constantly improving efficiencies and betterment certainly resonates with our work at Zencos on a deep level, so this was an event we could not miss!

An example of how Cable and Telco are raising the bar? The 10G initiative! With lab tests happening right now and field trials set to begin in 2020, industry leaders are joining Research and Development efforts bump up residential internet connections from the commonly available gigabit speeds of 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps.

The SCTE•ISBE Cable-Tec Expo® is the main conference of the year where Cable and Telecommunication vendors, practitioners, professionals, and industry thought leaders spend four days focusing on engineering innovation.

Zencos Expertise Delivers on Innovative Industry Goals

One of the functions of the SCTE•ISBE is to develop industry-wide standards and goals that challenge industry leaders and companies to push their innovation and creativity capacity. Among the existing set goals is the Energy 2020 initiative – a multiyear pledge where cable operators aim to reduce their power consumption, energy costs, and grid dependency.

The Energy 2020 mission presents an aggressive challenge for the industry that can only be achieved with data driven decisions and putting analytics into action.

Fortunately for us, this is our absolute favorite type of challenge and where we thrive. As part of a strategic partnership, WES and Zencos are teaming up to develop a prescriptive approach to aid cable companies in their capacity planning, energy projections, predictive failure. Our approach will also help cable companies improve the operational efficiency of their data center facilities.

Our newest partner, WES works as the premier provider of integrated software tools and techniques to view and control of facility systems in real-time. Zencos complements the team with extensive expertise guiding companies in their implementation of data strategies, escalation of the analytics maturity model, and implementation of advanced analytics solutions that help customers take advantage of their data.

Managing Real Time Data with SAS Viya

Leveraging the SAS® Viya® Platform and the real time data feeds managed by WES, Zencos is applying advanced machine learning and AI techniques to provide unprecedented insights into facilities and operations.

During the conference, we were glad to demonstrate the application performing real time monitoring of key facility metrics such as PUE and Cooling Ratio. Using a combination of different models and algorithms, we have been able to monitor current power consumption and compare it against forecasts. Doing so has enabled us to proactively alert cable companies about unexpected power consumption spikes.


This has proven to be highly effective when we observe a sudden rise in cooling power. We’ve been able to determine and correct the root cause within minutes, ultimately ensuring continuity of service and reducing costs.

This is the power of data. What organization doesn’t want to make their customers happy while simultaneously reducing costs?

The Value of Fostering Conversation: Mission-Critical Items for the Cable Industry

This year’s event was the ideal opportunity for us to join crucial conversations and have the opportunity to better understand the essential needs facing cable providers. We are excited to continue working with our partner WES in the effort to improve efficiency of mission critical facilities and can’t wait to see what innovative news are unveiled at SCTE•ISBE Cable-Tec Expo® 2020!