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Zencos: Bringing SAS and Teradata Together for Client Success

Brian Bennett


Sarah Septoff

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Transcript for Bringing SAS and Teradata Together for Client Success

Sarah: (00:00)

Many of our customers are both SAS and Teradata users and since we are on the heels of Teradata Universe 2019, we thought we would good spend a little time today discussing Zencos’ services related to SAS and Teradata integrations.

We have with us today Brian Bennett a Senior Solution Architect for Zencos Consulting. He works closely with clients to ensure the solutions delivered to them will exceed their expectations and business needs. Brian enjoys solving complex business issues through his extensive knowledge and expertise in software strategy, architecture, implementation, and support services.

So Welcome! Can you tell us a little bit about the SAS Teradata partnership?


Absolutely Sarah. Thank you for letting me join you today.

So, analytics is about making better decisions when it matters. And SAS and Teradata make that possible by breaking down silos of data and enabling companies to use analytics to make impactful decisions. The strength of the SAS Teradata partnership allows customers to run more complex analyses in less time across larger datasets to gain deeper insights into critical business issues. The whole system works off a single platform that can include the SAS Server, various storage options (i.e. object stores, S3, Blob Storage) and Teradata’s advanced warehouse technologies. With the best in class vendors for analytical solutions and enterprise management processing you get an integrated, fast advanced analytics environment.


That is pretty exciting and some very cool capabilities. I can see how our clients can benefit from such a technology partnership

Can you share a little more detail about SAS and Teradata and how there integration works?

Brian: (01:48)

Sure, let me start by telling you a little bit about SAS. SAS is a trusted analytics powerhouse for organizations seeking immediate value from their data. The SAS platform enables organizations to address their most critical business issues by providing data integration, analytics, reporting, and business solutions. It provides the flexibility to start with the capabilities that you need now, and you can add new functionality incrementally over time.

Now let’s talk about Teradata. Teradata is massively parallel open processing system for developing large-scale data warehousing applications. It’s able to deliver real-time data, regardless of the scale or volume of query. The Teradata Database is a Relational Database Management System and data is stored in tables which are accessed using SQL. Their SQL is ANSI compliant and there are extensions which enables further data manipulation.

Let’s now turn our attention to the SAS Teradata Integration: SAS and Teradata integrate with each other using SAS/ACCESS Interfaces and the Teradata Client interfaces and utilities. SAS/ACCESS interfaces enables you to read data from a Teradata system, and use those files as input data for SAS programs. And if you have appropriate authority, it enables you to write and update to Teradata.

There are two SAS/ACCESS Interface options. SAS/ACCESS to Teradata which is a more optimal solutions from a SAS perspective. Use Teradata’s native Call Level Interface (CLI). Allows you to read and write access directly to Teradata. Raw read performance is up to 15% faster than via ODBC

There is also SAS/ACCESS to ODBC while less optimal still a good solution for certain scenarios. Available for all platforms supported by the Teradata ODBC driver. This option takes 15% or more time in terms of raw read performance than the native access interface


Can you tell me a little bit about Zencos’ implementation offerings related to the SAS Teradata partnership?


Absolutely, so since 2001, Zencos has developed business solutions that help organizations turn analytics into action. From our initial customer engagement all the way through implementation and ongoing customer care, we deliver the expertise and partnerships to help solve our clients’ biggest problems. Zencos has amassed a wealth of experience and expertise working with data on a variety of projects across markets such as Banking, Casinos, Healthcare, Government, Manufacturing, Energy, and Retail.

We stay close to database and data management vendors and understand the importance of data on the edge and how to do real-time modeling for streaming data coming from the billions of IoT devices. In the big data world, data management concepts are evolving, and our customer’s systems need to evolve to keep up. While data governance and master data management remain important, new practices for event stream processing and innovative storage must be considered and adopted.

Zencos is both a SAS and Teradata partner and provides usage, optimization and modernization services.

Some of the services we offer include Enabling and optimizing in-database processing with SAS/Access to Teradata, Model development in-database with SAS Analytics Accelerator for Teradata, and Managing data and analytics end-end with SAS and Teradata


This is incredible information and I can see how with Zencos being a partner with both SAS and Teradata that their services are uniquely positioned to best support our customer’s implementation needs. Brian it’s been great talking to you today about this thanks for coming in


Thanks Sarah