9 Key Action Steps Towards a Successful SAS 9 to SAS Viya Migration

12/10/2020 by Juli Yaguda

Even if your organization has migrated to a cloud infrastructure, your modernization effort remains incomplete without real-time data analytics.

SAS is an industry-leading analytics platform, but the speed and visualization capabilities of SAS Viya offer a crucial competitive edge. SAS Viya transforms your data into actionable, easy-to-read insights, which allows your business to compete at a new level.

Your storage solution may be up to date, but the applications running within your cloud environment can’t be left behind. Simply put, be sure to incorporate the needs of your SAS environment in your modernization strategy.

In this white paper you’ll learn:

  • Critical steps in modernizing your SAS environment
  • How you can to take advantage of SAS Viya’s capabilities
  • Tips for planning your modernizing project
  • Technical aspects of a SAS 9 to SAS Viya Implementation