machine learning and artificial intelligence

The Zencos analytical team is ready to use artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to help organizations solve problems using data. By leveraging one or more of these statistical techniques geared toward prediction and finding patterns in data, we can help decision makers understand how the things they change will impact their organization.

We have plenty of experience with a wide variety of techniques, especially in these areas:

Data Mining




Text Analytics

We’ve helped customers in a variety of organizations improve how they do business by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to address problems like:

  • Product Recommendation
  • Image classification
  • Customer segmentation and lifetime value evaluation
  • Predictive maintenance on machinery
  • Helping to optimize pricing
  • Predicting demand for utility consumption
  • Customized customer specific recommendations
  • Predicting page views and ad revenue
  • Optimizing logistics and delivery routing

We’re eager to hear about the problems that your organization is facing and we’d love to help you find out if your data can lead to a better way of doing business. We don’t want to change what you do, but we do want to help you do whatever you do better — more cost effective, more efficient, better for your customers.

why work with zencos?

With a team of data scientists that have experience in a variety of the latest supervised techniques – including gradient boosting, neural networks and support vector machines – and unsupervised techniques – including clustering, principal component analysis and network analysis – Zencos has the right experience to help you start the process of including machine learning into your analytics capabilities. We can provide guidance for your projects that require an evaluation of machine learning software and techniques.

Zencos has a wealth of experience in deploying machine learning. With multiple projects in healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, media and entertainment, oil and gas, and government, Zencos is well versed in this area.

To take action on implementing or getting the most out of your machine learning algorithms, contact a Zencos expert to discuss software pricing and ordering information or to schedule a consultative appointment to discuss how we can partner with you to put machine learning into action with our award-winning consulting services.

Zencos is a SAS Gold Partner and re-seller of SAS software.

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