banking fraud

The speed and accessibility of modern banking have made our lives easier, but these conveniences have come with a price that includes increased vulnerability to attack from fraudulent actors.

Zencos provides a financial crimes data mart and fraud monitoring capabilities in areas such as

  • deposit|check, wire
  • ACH (Automated Clearing House)
  • account takeover

Zencos employs an open source platform as well as SAS® to deliver functionality such as

  • data profiling
  • data cleansing
  • entity resolution
  • rules-based monitoring
  • anomaly detection
  • predictive analytics using machine learning algorithms
  • network analytics for fraud ring detection

We partner with your team to intelligently deploy the data mart and fraud monitoring capabilities. Once implemented, we are available to provide continuing services around Model Risk Governance should you decide that outsourcing these services is useful to your fraud operations.

See our Banking Services fact sheet

why work with zencos?

Zencos is a proven leader in the Financial Crimes consulting space. Over the last decade, our CAMS certified industry professionals have successfully completed numerous AML and Fraud projects in North, Central, and South America. If needed, our team members can also deploy open source technologies and can integrate open source with SAS.

The Zencos Way is to exceed client expectations with our ironclad work ethic, passion for success, on time delivery of quality work, team players, love of problem solving, strong communications, and skills far above industry standards.

Zencos is a SAS Gold Consulting Partner and re-seller of SAS Software.

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