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Best Practices in Detecting Insurance Fraud

How Small and Medium Insurers Can Leverage AI and Machine Learning to Combat Fraud

Presented by SAS, Zencos, and
September 10 at 1 p.m. ET

Ben Zenick– CTO, Zencos

Dan McKenziePrincipal Solutions Architect Global Security Intelligence Practice, SAS

Doug GrantPartner,

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Insurance fraud is a significant and challenging issue. To bolster their inhouse programs to combat fraud, nine of the larger Canadian P&C insurers pool their data at CANATICS. These sophisticated programs and systems cause fraudsters to look for easier targets – organizations with less sophisticated or even little or no fraud detection capability at all.

Zencos, a leader in implementing and integrating SAS solutions, and SAS, have partnered to deliver a robust, configurable, AI driven solution, to identify the multitude of ever-changing fraud schemes for the smaller insurer.

Join us to learn best practices in detecting insurance fraud, and the combination of techniques required to dramatically reduce your fraud losses.

This Session Will Cover

Why rules are still relevant in the world of AI and machine learning

How a combination of detection techniques can provide the highest value with the lowest false positives

What is entity resolution and social network analysis, and why are they so important in detecting fraud

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