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healthcare solutions

Managing data solutions in the health and life sciences industries demands an expert touch. Our consultants are well versed in various regulatory standards, including HL7 interoperability protocols as well as measures and standards from NCQA, CDISC, JCAHO, AHCA, and 21CFR Part 11 Validation Requirements.

Our experts have implemented and designed solutions for:

payer and provider solutions

Quality of care affects health outcomes and reimbursements. This makes it more important than ever to expertly manage care, drive patient adherence, optimize resources, and engage consumers with relevant, compelling communications.

Today, any business intelligence platform in the health and life sciences industry should convert data into actionable information that contributes to the wellbeing of patients and members. We design solutions with exactly that in mind.


  • Custom dashboards providing health plans with the ability to track performance of HEDIS ratings, evaluate members, and evaluate risk
  • Web application for tracking provider performance against the government’s five star quality rating system to help providers earn government bonus payments
  • NCQA-certified measure calculation engine
  • Developing analytics and data visualizations for:
    • Major depression medication adherence
    • Diabetes persistency measures
    • Chronic asthma hospitalization
  • Analytical systems modernization including high performance computing and SAS Grid
  • ZenGuard: SAS Administration, Installation and Configuration

government, regulatory, and non-profit solutions

A data environment can safeguard budgets, maximize accountability, and streamline reporting to stakeholders. It can also broaden accessibility and allow a wider group of users to access, filter, and sort data.


  • Searchable databases for health related statistics
  • Web analytics that provide tracking and usage of custom statistics online query and reporting system
  • Implementation of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse solutions
  • Eligibility and claims data management, reporting, and analytics
  • Comprehensive surveillance system that recognizes events in the biosphere of significance to the health, security, and welfare of the people
  • ZenGuard: SAS Administration, Installation and Configuration

pharma and CRO solutions

With an ever-shifting regulatory landscape, organizations operating in the health and life sciences field need to manage data appropriately and readily produce proper documentation. Failures in protocol, even of a simple nature, can cost enormous amounts of money and waste valuable time.

As political and legislative upheaval increases, an experienced partner can help you respond to compliance demands and maximize profitability.


  • Project management and Validation Lead to produce 21CFR Part 11 compliant software and implementation of commercial off-the-shelf software products
  • Analytical systems modernization including high performance computing and SAS Grid
  • Life sciences operational analytics solution
  • Risk based monitoring
  • Pharmacy services (adherence, therapy optimization, intervention value quantification)
  • ZenGuard: SAS Administration, Installation and Configuration

healthcare technology, consulting, and research solutions

With health and life sciences data, accuracy is vital. Organizations need to make decisions on data that is clean and correct. We provide this confidence. We understand that on the other end of our data environments may be a new life-saving technology or opportunity to make a person well, and we need to deliver a solution that answers such a call.


  • Analytical systems modernization including high performance computing and SAS Grid
  • Business intelligence, analytics and reporting to support post market complaint system to improve post-production quality and identify early medical device failures
  • Research support and microsimulation modeling using data from the National Medical Expenditure Survey
  • Research projects support with data collection, database design, survey development, and survey execution
  • Purchasing optimization (Retail)
  • ZenGuard: SAS Administration, Installation and Configuration

on-demand support

ZenGuard administrative support is available with any of our health and life sciences BI solutions. The subscription service offers cost-effective access to expert SAS support professionals for a fraction of the cost of hiring resources internally.

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