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solutions to help combat financial crime

Zencos helps banks and financial institutions combat fraud, answer regulatory demands and save on operational costs with expert consultants and cutting-edge technology.

Our experts design, implement and optimize solutions tailored for your business. This includes Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) compliance, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and fraud solutions. We also provide services around model risk governance, scenario tuning/optimization, reporting and analytics, regulatory compliance process improvement, and on-demand support services.

The impact of poor fraud and compliance preparation is visible in the news daily and even more visible as the operational cost of compliance continues to rise. Today, homeland security threats are real, privacy and security concerns are top-of-mind, and banks are facing massive pressures to meet compliance standards to avoid fines. In order to meet these challenges, banks need scalable solutions that deliver under pressure, and they need trusted partners like Zencos with deep domain knowledge and experience implementing cost effective, proven solutions.

As criminals become more sophisticated, financial institutions need more agile solutions and heightened awareness.

we help banks and financial institutions succeed with the SAS financial crime suite

Zencos provides quality consultants for SAS Financial Crime Suite implementations, which includes SAS Anti-Money Laundering, SAS Enterprise Case Management and SAS Customer Due Diligence. SAS Financial Crime Suite implementations can occur as a single project or through a phased approach, which allows clients to gradually improve their system in a cost-effective manner. However a suite of products is deployed, we are equipped to handle implementation and all upgrades and migrations.

SAS Financial Crime Suite services include:

  • Solution Architecture, Design and Planning
  • ETL and Data Management to support transaction monitoring, customer due diligence and alert generation
  • Case Management and Business Process Management
  • Scenario Design, Development and Tuning
  • Operational and Managerial Reporting
  • Platform Administration and Installation
  • Customer integrations with other systems

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model risk governance

We help your BSA organization meet Model Risk Governance requirements

Our experts are experienced in all aspects of AML Model Risk Governance. Whether you just need a platform to conduct the model tuning analysis yourself or step by step support, Zencos is your go to partner.

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AML Model Validation

  • Data Profiling
  • Data Lineage Analysis
  • Data Quality Analysis
  • Model Validation and Regression Testing

Customer Segmentation

  • Business Plus Data-Driven Approach to Creating Monitoring Segments
  • Peer Group Creation

AML Model Initial Threshold Setting

  • Threshold Distribution Analysis
  • Alert Sampling
  • Sample Alert Dispositioning
  • Threshold Recommendation Analysis

Ongoing AML Model Tuning

  • Scenario Effectiveness Analysis
  • Threshold Distribution Analysis
  • Above-the-line Productive Alert Analysis
  • Below-the-line Testing Analysis

Are IT costs limiting your ability to tune AML scenarios?

We offer a pay-as-you-go scenario tuning environment in the cloud, plus support and expertise as needed. Use our software-as-a-service approach to minimize costs by only paying when you need to perform periodic tuning.

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Reports and dashboards designed to promote awareness, enhance operations and streamline the decision-making process

Zencos helps banks and financial institutions understand and improve business operations through flexible reporting and analytical solutions. With the appropriate architecture in place, customers can create their own visualizations, scalable to a particular business need, and thoroughly explore data for trends and opportunities.

AML Enterprise Reporting

The AML enterprise reporting solution provides a requirements-driven reporting data mart, which allows stakeholders to access vital information in a centrally managed data model. This removes limits previously associated with having multiple data sources and extends a common reach of information across the enterprise.


  • Data management processes to maintain a proven reporting data model
  • Financial crime reporting data mart
  • SAS Visual Analytics reporting and analytical solutions
  • Long term reporting framework

Enterprise reporting can enhance strategic and operational decision-making as well as provide a common framework to report and analyze financial crime information.

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AML Discovery and Reporting QuickStart

The answer when you need to get up and running quickly. We have a proven process for efficiently installing software, transferring knowledge, delivering pre-defined reports, and enabling users on a SAS Visual Analytics platform.



On-demand support through ZenGuard + AML

ZenGuard + AML bundles SAS platform administrative support with AML scenario tuning and ongoing maintenance support. The subscription service offers cost-effective access to expert SAS support professionals for a fraction of the cost of hiring resources internally.

Your subscription includes:

  • Data management support for regulatory ETL processes and alert generation steps
  • Scenario tuning and optimization modeling as requested
  • Emerging risk mitigation and discovery
  • Two dedicated support professionals
  • Available in 6 or 12 month contracts
  • 24 hour and after hour support available

Customers get the same support team every time. This helps identify root issues quickly and resolve roadblocks before they cost time or resources.

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