industry solutions

financial solutions

Zencos Financial Solutions help banking clients fight fraud, improve compliance and reduce operational costs. Our solutions include BSA surveillance & compliance, AML scenario tuning and enrichment, regulatory compliance process improvement and reporting & analytics.

healthcare solutions

The affordable care act has created many challenges and opportunities for health plans and providers. Zencos has a deep understanding of how advanced analytics drive better outcomes, improve clinical performance and lower costs. We have extensive experience creating solutions that analyze claims, survey, and medical record review data to track performance, predict risk, and optimize interventions.

government solutions

From economic development, to state and federal regulatory compliance, Zencos has created solutions that help state and local governments effectively implement Big Data solutions that help control costs, manage resources and stimulate commerce.

digital media solutions

Zencos digital media consulting experience helps media companies, publishers and advertisers bridge the gaps between their data, analytics and reporting. We deliver solutions that enable behavioral targeting, relevant content delivery and strategic insights that allow clients to capitalize on new opportunities.

utilities solutions

Zencos utility clients count on our solutions to provide a broad scope of analytic and predictive capabilities that help control costs while reducing failures and downtime across sites and assets. Zencos has deep experience in Grid Analytics, Customer Analytics, Energy Forcasting, Revenue Assurance and Energy Risk Management.

retail solutions

Zencos Retail Solutions help our customers move more merchandise, gain customer insights and create better forecasts at the SKU, store and daily level. Our solutions deliver comprehensive analytics that help retailers manage essential business functions including marketing, merchandising, operations, supply chain and finance.

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