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“The right team means everything.” –David Septoff, CEO, Zencos

Zencos is a “customer-centric” culture which often means putting customer interests before our own. We recruit and hire people that share the values we refer to as “The Zencos Way.” In a nutshell, we bring a passion for problem-solving, do what we promise and always with quality, communicate openly and honestly, and work as a team. Every project will have high points and low points. At Zencos, it’s not about pointing fingers and making excuses, but instead, we want to be measured by how we react and what actions we take. We will focus on the client’s long-term win and, if necessary, at the expense of our short-term company goals.

Our values and ethics create an outstanding work environment. Our consultants know their management team will stand behind them as they focus on supporting and satisfying our customers.  Something as simple as knowing everyone in the company is committed to doing the right thing provides security and reduces stress in inherently stressful and highly complex situations.

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