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04/16/2017 by Ryan Kumpfmiller Modernization - Analytics

Over the past year, my co-authors (Tricia Aanderud and Rob Collum) and I have worked tirelessly in putting together An Introduction to SAS Visual Analytics that covers everything you need to know for SAS Visual Analytics (VA). Whether you are considering, implementing, or already developing in VA, there is content in this book that can assist you along the way.

About the book

The book is split out into four sections. The first reviews the application as a whole, including how the environment is structured, how to manage your content, and then step-by-step guidance for using the data builder and report designer. The next two sections take a deep dive into reporting (dashboards, geospatial analysis, and analytical objects) with research from top data visualization experts and administration (loading data, LASR server, performance optimization). Then we finish everything up with a breakdown of the most recent release of VA, which is the 8.1 version on the new SAS Viya framework. These chapters are based on brand new content with both the interface and back-end being completely redesigned for this version allowing you to create some really eye-catching reports!

I had only written white papers in the past, so turning my focus to a book was quite a challenge. Luckily, Tricia had written a few books previously and SAS Press was incredibly helpful throughout the process. From planning out the chapters to finishing the final edits, we always had a clear path on what was next, we just had to do the work. One of the most challenging parts for me was getting down into the details with some of the analytical objects that used correlations, forecasting, and text analytics. Fortunately, here at Zencos we have an exceptional analytics team that was able to support me with answers to any questions.

While there are a lot of competing products out, there’s a reason why I decided to join my co-authors and write this book. VA is a great reporting tool that has the flexibility for any organization. I’m also repeatedly impressed how SAS continues to improve the product with every release. At the recent SAS Global Forum, the VA developers were showing us the next 8.2 release and it was fascinating to see all of the enhancements they already have planned to put in.

If you’re looking for more information on the book, there is a full table of contents and a sample chapter on the SAS Press site. The book is available to purchase on the SAS Press site as well as Amazon.

SAS Global Forum 2017 Presentation

On top of writing the book, we also presented a paper on tricks that we learned in VA from looking through the SAS Communities site for common problems that users were having. The research that we did served as a basis for content to include in the book, so some of the tips in the paper are also included in the book. Here are our winners from the book giveaway we did after the presentation.

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