Moving Visualizations to the Designer in SAS Visual Analytics

by Jaime Thompson  |  Posted on 05/02/2017

SAS VA is split out into two different sections (except for the 8.1 version on Viya) for data analysis, the Explorer and Designer. The Explorer has more advanced objects that give you more capabilties for analyzing your data where the Designer has all of the standard objects to create reports. However, sometimes you might want to use those advanced visualizations from the Explorer in a report so that you can share it with other users. If you try to open an exploration from the Explorer in the Designer you won’t be able to find it. In this post we show you how to move those visualizations into the Designer.

Getting Started with Linux in SAS Platform

by Nick Welke  |  Posted on 04/24/2017

Many companies choose to implement a SAS Platform in a Linux environment. With a applications such as SAS Visual Analytics distributed deployment, it’s the only choice but many chose this operating system because it reduces operating costs. In this blog series, we will go over accessing the environment and introduce basic Linux commands and methods for troubleshooting in a SAS Platform environment.

What New Customers Can Expect from the ZenGuard™ Onboarding Process

by Nick Welke  |  Posted on 04/19/2017

ZenGuard is an on-demand subscription service that provides access to highly qualified SAS support professionals. These experts are assigned to a customer and are dedicated to understanding their environment and offer on-call assistance at a fraction of the cost of hiring internal resources.

Our experience has allowed us to streamline the onboarding approach to get the customer’s support up and running efficiently. A dedicated ZenGuard team learns each customer’s specific SAS environment in a timely manner, so help is available when a customer needs it.

Quickstart your SAS Visual Analytics reporting with our book!

by Ryan Kumpfmiller  |  Posted on 04/16/2017

Over the past year, my co-authors (Tricia Aanderud and Rob Collum) and I have worked tirelessly in putting together An Introduction to SAS Visual Analytics that covers everything you need to know for SAS Visual Analytics (VA). Whether you are considering, implementing, or already developing in VA, there is content in this book that can assist you along the way.

SAS VA Tricks We Learned from Reading Hundreds of SAS® Community Posts

by Tricia Aanderud  |  Posted on 02/21/2017

In preparation for our Introduction to SAS Visual Analytics book, we read almost 1,000 posts in the SAS Communities: SAS Visual Analytics section. Our goal for the SAS Visual Analytics book was to make it as useful and practical as possible. We needed data that could assist us with this task. While it was a little brutal reading so many posts in day, we could confirm some of the sticking points that users have and pick up some tips as well. 

For our SAS Global Forum paper, we wanted to include some of the tips from the book and some that didn't make the book but are worth sharing! 

Using Magical Linux Commands for SAS Visual Analytics

by Tricia Aanderud  |  Posted on 02/21/2017

At SAS Global Forum 2017, Zencos is presenting a paper about SAS platform administration for SAS Visual Analytics using Linux. It's targeted to those who are new to the Linux, which is often the chosen platform for SAS Visual Analytics.Recently I asked the LinkedIn SAS admin community for some determining popular uses of the find and grep commands. These commands are used most often to search the system for files or search file content - or both!

2016 Election - What Happened to the Polls?

by Ryan Kumpfmiller  |  Posted on 11/29/2016

On November 8th, 2016 the people of the United States elected their 45th president in very dramatic fashion. With two polarizing candidates, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton 290-232 in electoral votes (Michigan still undecided). Adding to the drama was the fact that for months, days, and even hours up to election night, Clinton was thought to be the clear front runner and end up with the Presidency. This shocked many since nearly every poll had her as a heavy favorite. In this post we are going to look more into data sampling and whether or not something could have been off with those polls.

Working with Correlations in SAS Visual Analytics

by Ryan Kumpfmiller  |  Posted on 11/29/2016

In SAS Visual Analytics, there is a data analysis feature that looks at two measures and calculates the correlation between the two. This is a way to determine possible relationships between measures. The feature can be found in multiple objects in the Explorer section of the application. Throughout this post you will see how SAS calculates and labels correlations, where you can find them in the objects, and how to interpret the possible relationships between the measures.

Zencos Data Visualization Team Presents at SESUG 2016

by Tricia Aanderud  |  Posted on 11/15/2016

Many SAS users attend SAS Global Forum but never consider the value that the regional conferences provide. The Zencos Data Viz team presented at the SESUG regional conference held in Bethesda, MD. Over the 2-day period, there were mutliple papers presented and we did not get to attend everything that we wanted. Here are the ones that we found the most interesting or had an unexpected takeaway.

Using Scripts to Automate SAS Administration Support

by Nick Welke  |  Posted on 11/14/2016

In our experience, second-tier tasks in SAS environments are often best performed through automation via scripts. Implementation requires an incisive understanding of both the underlying platform and its constraints, and the role that various processes and files play in a SAS environment. Nick Welke expands on how Zencos provides both through the ZenGuard™ service.

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